Home   “The inaugural meeting of the Health Finance and Investment Forum 2012 has clearly demonstrated that investment in health requires an efficient, transparent and well governed management culture which provides the best available and preventive and curative health service – accessible and affordable for every single individual.”
Siegfried Walch, Prof. for Health & Social Management, Management Center Innsbruck, Austria
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Health represents the real wealth of any community and a definite measure for social and economic development. Health care service provision represents one of the biggest challenges because of the complexity of the industry and the need for relatively high technical facilities, highly trained personnel and massive investments to be able to catch up with the fast-moving developments in technology, finance, and management.

Despite the massive efforts done to improve healthcare services from governmental, non-governmental not-for-profit and private business organizations, there is lack of coordination and communication between these stakeholders and key-players. This results in duplications, inefficiencies and unnecessary loss of resources. In addition to that, there is lack of mutual understanding of the needs of each party and its resources, to leverage on them in a way that serves the end-beneficiary, which is the community.

Opportunities in the healthcare industry spread from Base of the Pyramid economic models serving the poor through clinics, hospitals and micro-health insurance, to five-stars hospitals and wellness spas attracting medical tourists. The healthcare industry comprises several products and services including clinics or hospitals, pharmaceuticals, non-pharmaceutical consumables, information technology, construction, medical equipment, in addition to facility management and consultancy firms, as well as medical insurance companies.

The stakeholder management pillar of the HFIF aims to create a collaborative action between the partners and different stakeholders to advance the healthcare industry. An integrated multi-stakeholder approach would empower self-sustainable healthcare finance and enable economic growth and development.


The Health Finance and Investment Forum offers various events in order to bring the different stakeholders together. These events allow private sector organisations to meet and build relationships with private and public stakeholders in order to establish long-term relationships.

One-to-one meetings are held to ensure the upgrade of the industry and to connect the right people at the right time. Moreover, multi-stakeholder meetings are held on a regular basis with the key representatives of the various industries. These meetings are managed as open dialogues and all inputs are taken seriously into consideration to re-shape the strategy of the HFIF.

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