Home   “The inaugural meeting of the Health Finance and Investment Forum 2012 has clearly demonstrated that investment in health requires an efficient, transparent and well governed management culture which provides the best available and preventive and curative health service – accessible and affordable for every single individual.”
Siegfried Walch, Prof. for Health & Social Management, Management Center Innsbruck, Austria
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Health is an integral component of the business of any company. There are several examples for that such as implementing occupational health and safety, maintaining healthy working environments, increasing health awareness, securing financial coverage for healthcare services to the employees, preventing pollution and producing healthy products. All these examples fall under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of a company. Many companies have health and education as the two top priorities for their CSR activities.

Focusing the CSR activities on the core business fields of companies makes the community benefit from product innovations, managerial skills, business experience and technical competencies of the company, rather than only its financial resources. Companies should have a proactive approach to develop the health of the community, rather than having a reactive approach to its critical needs. The perfect model would be if CSR would be able to generate profit, which would incorporate both the humanitarian and business approaches within organizational cultures. Companies should have more bottom-up innovation in the fields of health and more alignment between corporate citizenship and business development to create business models that would be beneficial for both the community and the company.

The HFIF's CSR pillar aims to incorporate social responsibility, ethical and sustainability values within healthcare finance and investment for the welfare of the community. This will improve the accessibility, quality and affordability of healthcare services through adding infrastructure and efficiency to the healthcare system.

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