Home   “It was a precious time to meet this group of professional doctors and investors in one place which reflects to me the high quality and effort of the HFIF team.”
Montasser Abdelbaqi, CEO of Unicon for Real Estate
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Vision & Mission

Founded in 2011, the Health Finance and Investment Forum (HFIF) is an initiative led by Dr. Mostafa Hunter, Founder and President of the forum. The HFIF acts as a dynamic and responsive platform and gives itself the flexibility to advance.

The HFIF manifested itself based on the conviction that an increased collaboration between the finance and health care community is the most promising way to empower the health care sector. Operationally, we lie our focus on the creation of opportunities for inter-disciplinary encounters. This includes the annual conference but is not limited to it.

In fact, we pursue a continuous, sustainable approach. By organizing stakeholder meetings and other events during the whole year, we react flexibly to expressed needs and requests. Our partners thereby are our first priority: We aim at enabling dialogues at eye level and at facilitating information sharing between the different sectors. In doing so, our B2B match-making process has proven to be very successful in opening doors for the creation of long-lasting partnerships. We understand ourselves as facilitators of that process and define the satisfaction of our partners, professionalism and the pursuit of excellence as our core values. By offering advisory services beyond the scope of our events, we aim at supporting our partners with the implementation of promising business opportunities. Facilitating the exchange of words is important, but facilitating them to manifest themselves in concrete action is as crucial.

The Forum believes on a holistic approach to tackle its vision based on 4 pillars:

• Stakeholder Management 
To create a collaborative action between the partners and different stakeholders to advance the healthcare industry. An integrated multi-stakeholder approach would empower self-sustainable healthcare finance and enable economic growth and development. Read more ...

• Business to Business Matchmaking (B2B)
To create a networking platform between different players in the healthcare business. This will enable them to grow and grasp upcoming opportunities in the healthcare industry. Read more ...

• Advisory Services
To offer individual technical support to corporates to advance their businesses and help them in attracting outside capital. Read more ...

• Social Responsibility
To incorporate social responsibility, ethical and sustainability values within healthcare finance and investment for the welfare of the Egyptian community. This will improve the accessibility, quality and affordability of healthcare services through adding infrastructure and efficiency to the healthcare system. Read more ...
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