Home   "The most striking aspect of the Forum is doing all the job, first by meticulous selection of the attendants later by introducing them to the latest updated materials from the professionals. In simple words, giving us the abundant information one shot easily as a capsule."
Sherine El Ashiry, Board Advisor, Esthetica & Dar El Oyoun Hospitals
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Vision & Mission


To empower socially responsible finance and investment in the healthcare industry


To act as a dynamic and responsive platform that interconnects different stakeholders from the healthcare and finance sectors and creates collective actions and business opportunities.

Strategic Objectives

• Connect the key players of the health care industry and the financial community
• Enable a continuous dialogue between the different key actors
• Be a facilitator for the identification of untapped potentials within the health care sector
• Offer key decision makers the opportunity to be well-informed about the trends in their industry
• Offer a platform where innovative ideas can be developed in an expert environment
• Advise on access to finance for private hospitals with a focus on SMEs

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